'Everybody sees how you seem; however, only some know who you are'

Friday, November 21, 2008


I cant remember how exhausting it is clearing up every single thing in your room. Well, i dont think i recall ever clearing up my room before except the time when it came to pack up & leave penang for aus in the first place. & that packing was done in a span of....i dont know how many days. oh gosh. Packing up every single object in your room is heaps tiring!! & it really doesnt help when the weather is shit weather. It feels like autumn instead of spring going into summer. gosh. Where's the SUN!?! I need it! Was all happy when spring finally came & all but the sun kept disappearing =S Man, so much for wanting to "utilise" all my shorts. I'm still stuck in jackets. =( Oh well, only 2 more days to go before i get a lifetime of sun! =D but actually more like only 3 months (or more) of sun. Sun, sun, sunnnnn. Ah, i HATE this weather!! It makes you wanna sleep all day. & i was sposed to go out today to check out the honey my mom asked me to. lol. ended up sleeping the whole arvo away instead. oookay! a random post. much left to do! Next time you hear from me, i would've been back to where i belong!

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